Yury Popov fine artist

About the artist

Yuri Popov started painting at an early age. Stones were his first materials and art quickly became an integral part of his childhood. Нis parents encouraged his passions and artistic endeavors, even when it required him to move to Siberia.

At the age of 16, he was admitted to Art College, named after Vasily Surikov, and continued his studies at Krasnoyarsk State Institute of Fine Arts. At that time, he equally likes his studies and rock-climbing, rappelling, guitar. At the start of his career, Yury felt awestruck by the work of Amedeo Modigliani and he has a few pieces in his gallery that attests to that. However, the profound influence on him was the Holy Trinity is an icon by Andrei Rublev. [1] This icon was also admired by Boris Rauschenbach, the prominent aerospace physicist, whose perspective confirmed the artist’s intuitions to apply the reverse perspective depth to his canvases, redefine composition, techniques, and colors. [2]

Today, his art reflects his own aesthetic needs and his own way of painting. His art evokes a spiritual attitude, peaceful emotions and overarching harmony.

When he worked in collaboration with galleries in Paris and Geneva, his art was standing on the promises of emotional intelligence as an integral core value for all people. There is no tint of aggression in his art. His beliefs are that simplicity does not evaporate the artist’s message for its audience. It was no coincidence that his way of painting led to his art being exhibited at the Pierre Cardin Art Gallery in Paris.

His art is well-loved internationally by art collectors in Europe, the United States, and Russia. He currently resides in the beautiful countryside of Moscow.


Krasnoyarsk State Institute of Fine Arts, Russia

Krasnoyarsk College of Art, Russia

Welcome to my world of art



Final selection for the London Art Biennale 2021, UK

Finalist / CollexArt Grand Prize 2021, USA

Finalist by 6th Annual Landscapes Art of Exhibition January 2021, USA 

Moscow, Russia, Art Box gallery


Moscow, Russia, Art Box gallery “I am dreaming of that woman”


Hong Kong, Asia Contemporary Art Show and Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Red Square gallery


Moscow, Russia, LEGA gallery (solo exhibition)


Vologda, Russia, “River has three banks” anniversary solo exhibition

Moscow, Russia, LEGA gallery (solo exhibition)


Forstenbau, Germany (solo exhibition)


Moscow, Russia, GEOCAFE gallery (solo exhibition)


Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Riazov’s Museum (solo exhibition)


Paris, France, Cultural Center of Russia/la Troika

Moscow, Russia, Paradise gallery (solo exhibition)

City Exhibition Hall and A-3 gallery (solo exhibition)


Moscow, Russia, “Yury Rebrov” art studio (solo exhibition)


Moscow, Russia, Administration Center of President of Russian Federation (solo exhibition)

Seix, France, art gallery (solo exhibition)

Paris, France, Russian saloon, Figure gallery, Z gallery and the Pompidou Center, Pierre Cardin’s gallery (solo exhibition)


Greece, Atheens, joined participation in presidential exhibition (UNESCO)

Krasnoyarsk, Russia, International Festival of Spiritual Culture


Geneva, Switzerland, Cigarini gallery


Novosibirsk, Russia, Finalist by Siberian Fair 

Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Hingan gallery (solo exhibition)


Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Hingan Gallery (solo exhibition)


Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Rainbow festival

Moscow, Russia: Finalist by Golden Brush painting competition


Novosibirsk, Russia, local gallery and State Museum (solo exhibition)

Zelenogorsk, Russia, Panorama gallery


Moscow, Russian, Finalist by Alternative Contest

Zelenogorsk, Russia, Flute art festival


First Solo Exhibition: Krasnoyarsk, Russia, House of Artists

Alliance of Artists; Moscow, Russia, Kuznetskiy’ bridge gallery